Friday, August 22, 2008

it's time

It's time we do this all over again!

Do visit to show your support. It's bigger, better, and much more exciting. =)

see you at the Prom. =)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

CSS Alumni Chalet 2008 @ Aloha Changi

dear all

Thanks to all who attended the chalet. I hope you had tons of fun. The above photos are up for grabs. I realised that if you click on the picture first to see the enlarged version before clicking "save picture as", the picture saved will be larger. These are ALL the pics i took.

For those who did not, or werent informed by me (because I don't have your contact), you are more than welcomed to participate in future alumni events. just email me your contacts at if you are interested, like how some of you already did. =)

For loyal readers like Dee and Perlyn, thanks for the constant visit, and for the constant urge to post. Even myself have stopped checking out the tabs update hahahaha. If it's any comfort, the new site for this year's prom will be set up soon. Hopefully everyone can pay it a visit and support the site. Further details will be revealed at a later date.

In any case I guess this site will come to a halt pretty soon after I upload a few more entries of the prom pictures. If anyone wants to take over this site and allow common postings, do feel free to contact me. We can work out the details. =)

As batches come and go, I do hope that this batch will stay united and in contact for a long time to come. The Alumni is a common ground for all to return to, to catch up and to move forward, and in the meantime give back to the school in ways we can. Because we all love CSS, and because we want our juniors to experience what we've experienced: the CSS spirit. Cheesy as this might sound, but I've not heard that phrase in years, until some of you reminded me by talking about the JJC spirit today. There will not be any alumni if no one comes back. I hope that as we all move on with life, and increasingly so as years pass, we'll always remember the 4+ years of shared experience, and give back, because in doing so, we receive.
take care.

Monday, March 3, 2008

it's been a while

So much have happened since my last post. Lydia Sum left us. Edison Chen shocked us. A limping JI Terrorist alarmed us. Orientation 2 wheezed pass. Results surprised us. New Year celebration past. Life overwhelms us. Life carrys on beyond us.

I won't be posting any photos on some photobucket or multiply domain. Most of the photos that's relevant to you will be here, as the remaining are shots taken of the pageant contestants. So if you fancy some of the shots here, please right-click your mouse and "save picture as". It should be able to work. This entry is dedicated to all the table shots. Hopefully it reminds you of happier times and brings back familiar feelings.

Some of my friends like to rack up old photos and notes from friends once in a while. You know, awkward (mostly embarrassing) secondary school photos with offbeat hair and terrible expressions, Angel+Mortal anonymous notes wishing you luck for exams, souvenirs and birthday cards, etc etc. When school work or life overwhelms, I hope you too find comfort and energy in these to move on.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

a tease-kit, a taskit

Don't you just love movie trailers? Not only do they let you have a quick glimpse into something highly anticipated, it makes you excited and wish there were more. Sometimes I think trailer-makers are sadists who like to 1) keep people hanging, 2) take revenge on the audience.

But I love it. So here's a big teaser for all those who've been dying to see the prom piccies: a post of (mostly) inanimate objects that were nicely snapped by our dear photog-of-the-night Mr Raphael. Have fun looking for signs of human life. In a way, i've fulfilled my promise of a 4k hit post =)

but don't worry. I'll post the rest soon, sans signs of human life. I guarantee some spectacular spectacular. tsk tsk.
Happy Chinese New Yr to all. Hope it was a great long holiday. =)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Orientation 08

It started on 16/01/08 and faster than we can spell "SO FUN ITS SHIOK!", the camp was over on 18/01/08.
Orientation sort of marks the end of the high before everyone embarks on a slump that is the post-CNY-till-June period of studying. While some bury their heads in tests and exams, others would be busy with their newfound hobbies, getting involved in CCAs and all. I've always felt that March onwards is a boring period, and the fun really begins towards the end of the year, whereby friends start meeting up after their exams for chalets and gatherings and festive celebrations. I'm sure I speak for alot of you out there that you're facing some form of withdrawal symptoms. Even though I haven't been there for the full 3-days, I myself am missing all the fun.

So what was the best part of the camp for you?

Captain's Ball?
Soccer? Seeing a bunch of kids running around chasing after a ball as huge as them provided some comic relief for me. They were trying so hard not to use their hands, but it just didnt work! Some people find a dozen adults chasing after a ball professionally silly, but when you see these Sec 1 kids doing it, soccer seems like a darn fun game man! (and of course, strategy talk is a must-must to eavedrop on. Some of them had some really weird ideas). I cant help but snap one too many shots of kids trying to chase after the ball. And poor Fu Cheng had to shout so much because the whole game area was humongous.

The Maze. Face it: pouring water and stomping on tables had to be fun! And you know what's sweeter? Sarbo-ing the kids who have made the camp horrible for you! hahahahahahhaa.

But my favourite is the Gladiator station. They could have played more Gladiator-ish music to make it more hilarious. But seeing a dozen kids ambushing a few hiding behind the "shelter" seemed like true fun. You know, innocent fun where you throw things at each other without harm. It's almost like fighting a losing battle, until you see some kids who can run faster than you blink, and they made a dash to the final hurdle in one sprint. amazing. There's nothing more exciting than seeing someone triumph over adversity (even if it's in the form of harmless balls). And i've heard stories of "shelters" being over-crowded and they ended up toppling their own shelter. hahahha. it must have been a sight.

Or it must have been working with your fellow batch mates. I mean, surely it has to be. That's what it's all about right?!

It can also be the supper. I've never seen a gathering of more McChicken in my life before.

Or having a slice of Auntie Jenny's Sweet Secret log/cheese cakes. There was suppose to be two more bags of breads/buns to feed you hungry monsters, but somehow it went missing. What a pity.

But for me, it's definitely working with my fellow "advisors". Honestly I dont know them much before the camp. I wasnt even sure they're gonna be there. Heck, I don't even know some of their names prior to this camp! But I'm glad we bacame friends within this short period. It was unexpected, so it's definitely something memorable I brought home with me. Dont think we're just giving eye power(piew-piew-piew). It was quite some hard work, but always fun. I'm glad that even though we came from different batches, we're able to talk and mingle like cool friends. I discovered not only the potential of some of the peer leaders, but also amongst some of them as well. Of course, "fuzzy wazzy", "open/close", "Johnny", and "What's next" helped to break the ice. hahahahaha.

Like, "OMG?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

So I didnt stay for the final day, but I hope you had tremendous fun. There might not be much opportunities like this to mingle with your fellow batch mates anymore. I hope the Sec 1s see you as their role-model and you've imparted to them the essence of the Commonwealthian spirit. It's not hard to believe that some of my friends, to this day, still keeps in touch with their peer leaders. So I hope what you've achieved these 3 days will last them through their secondary school days like a ripple, to good effect.

In the hopes of making this space more interactive, you're most welcome to post entries on this site as well. If you want to share your Orientation experience (complaints, hilarious incidents, discussions, or even just some personal after thoughts to share with everyone) or even your Prom experience (I know it's a little too late), please feel free to send your entries(aready drafted) to Pictures are of course welcome and we'll post it up for you.

Alternatively, if you wish for us to create a link to your blog, we'd be glad to do so. Just send your request to the same email above.

I'm about to get my hands on the prom photos. Will upload once i get them, and we'll see how we can spread the pics around. In the meantime, good luck for your upcomin O Level results and have loads of fun in your new environment. Take care.

YiHuA ;-)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

CSS Orientation 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR (pull your ear) !!!

How did you celebrate the New Year? with a bang I hope. Make 2008 the best you ever had =)

so step 1 of making 2008 eventful is by being part of the CSS Orientation 2008!

ok. I sound like a salesperson with a pitch. ANYWAYS, here are the details:

dates: 16/01/08 - 18/01/08
in-charge: Mr Faizal and Mdm Ros

16/01 - break camp at 1800hrs
17/01 - overnight stay
18/01 - break camp at 1700hrs

Basically, your job is to be the facilitators to the sec 1s. You know, take care of them, bring them around school, pinch their cute faces, endure their rowdy nature, bond them, etc etc. So if you're interested, please drop us an email at with your details and we'll contact you in due time. Please spread the word to your friends as this can be a time to share with your close friends too. What's a better way to bond than through over night camps gossipping the night away eh. =)

SO do respond asap, hopefully by the 10/01/08 ya. Hope to hear from alot of you. =)

Till then, have a great 2008.

YiHuA ;-)

Friday, December 28, 2007


Dear students
5 days after prom now. I hope all of you enjoyed yourselves immensely and none of you are having withdrawal symptoms (like I am).

I believe I speak for all my committee members when I say that organising this event is all because of you. On top of having the time of your life, we hope that the night provided you with many significant and unforgettable moments. During the process of organising this, I find myself questioning my goals and intentions, constantly asking myself "why am I doing this?" questions. I then realise that one of my newly added objectives then was to create a night that hopefully, when you move on to JC prom nights or Poly DnD, you will look back on and remember how special Reposicion 2007 was in comparison. And if we do change your lives in any way, all the better.

I hope that no other prom will demonstrate a stronger sense of school spirit than ours when Mdm Asnida took the stage and did an acoustic but rousing rendition of our school song. Up on our feets and arms over shoulders, singing out loud, that was one of the best bits of programme for me. (And that segment was totally impromptu. No one knew that Mdm Asnida was going to sing that.)

I hope that the pageant contestants had a confidence boost and was exposed to things they never had an understanding before. I hope you all bonded through the dance and workshops and hope you guys remain friends for a long time.

I hope that whomever won the lucky draw first prize (A PSP! gosh!) will smile even in his sleep. You are one darn lucky fella.

I hope you love the ballon arc because it took a hell lot of manpower and time (not to mention, energy and breath). Tell me if your prom even has a balloon arc at all next time. =) I bet ours rocked more.

I hope that the councillors who have kindly volunteered their services have a bigger understanding of how events are run, and that hopefully some school spirit and passion will rub off on you to bring back to your own council. (join the Alumni!)

Doing this was alot harder than it seems. I hope the alumni and PTN will have many more wonderful years of working together, and the support on both sides only increase throughout the years. I hope the school will only show increasing support so that we can improve each year. Most importantly, I hope you love CSS as much as most of us. Do come back to offer your help in ways you can. Hopefully you'll realise that though you don't get paid (or even recognised sometimes) for coming back to help, you'll find joy in working with the same people you went to school with before, and take pride in making a difference to the lives of your juniors. As the number of years we've left CSS increase, our sense of familarity with the school can only decrease. Therefore I am really proud of the committee members that have stood by me. This is a group effort and no one person can pull it all off. So do come back and continue the tradition of fine leaders.

P.S: this is not an alumni recruitment entry. SERIOUSLY! so don't feel obliged to join it at all. seriously. You can make a difference even without being officially in it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students whom I've worked with. The class chairman and vice chairman for helping me make the phone calls and stuff, the "good friends" who helped me with the photo shoot, etc etc. And to everybody, thank you for making the Prom a success by turning up. Kudos to those who took the effort to dress to the theme. =)

pls continue to visit this site as we'll put up some pre-prom production photos and, alas, pics of the actual night. Spread the word, spread the love.

Hope to see you all again real soon. Good luck to your future endeavours.

YiHuA ;-)
Prom Committee Chairperson
Batch of 2001